What Does Dorset Need?

For such a flawless county I feel that Dorset receives a criminally low amount of visitors. We obviously don’t figure on any list of most visited cities (because, well, we have no cities) and we don’t feature on any lists of most visited counties or most popular counties, because I couldn’t find those lists.



So what do we have if we don’t have cities? Well, we have nature, we have sea, we have beaches, we have fields and forests, we have rolling landscapes, we have trees and hills and long walks in the country side, we have national parks! In Dorset we are blessed with Durlston National Nature Reserve, Durlston Country Park, Studland Beach and Nature Reserve and many other gems! But are we making the most of these resources? What are we doing with these parks? Are we making the most of what we’ve got? I don’t think so! Let’s have a look.

In other counties that are getting more visitors they pack their Nature Reserves and National Parks with things! My mama went up to Yorkshire and visited their Bowland Fell Park and stayed in a static caravan. She loved it there and was happy to spend a whole week in the park! She walked around and enjoyed the beauty of nature but also she had activities to do! She could spend time in her lovely static caravan and just generally enjoy her self. There where also other people around in the other caravans.


So, my question is, why have we not got this kind of thing going on here in Dorset? Well? Why? Do we not care? Do the people in charge not care? Because I care, so maybe I should be in charge? Well, that’s not for me to say but I agree that it’s certainly an interesting idea. A very interesting idea. Your a genius.