Unusual Wedding Venues in Dorset

Weddings are always such fun.

They’re a bit like busses in a way, you wait round for ages with none at all, then suddenly you have a whole load of the come along all at once.

Although each invitation brings with it the not so welcome reminder that I have yet to tie the knot myself, I’m always keen to open up the envelope and see what part of the country I’ll be driving to next – even if it means spending a weekend away from my precious Dorset.

After having the pleasure of attending a glorious wedding on the weekend, I’ve found myself thinking about all the wonderful places that you could get married in Dorset. When you’ve lived and travelled round Dorset for as long as I have, you tend to get a little blinded by the amount of idyllic places that litter the county – but there are loads of great venues hidden around that only a local like me is aware of!

Props go to Nigel and Angela for putting together such a wonderful, unusual wedding day over in North Wales (check it out here).

Now, without further a do, here are my top 5 unusual places to get married in Dorset:

Farmer Palmers, Organford

Don’t be put off by the schticky name (its full name is Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park, but you don’t need to mention that on the invites), this is a riotously left-field option for a wedding day that would be hard to forget. A clearspan marquee is provided for receptions, kids can pet animals and everyone’s welcome to camp underneath the stars.

The RLNI College, Poole

With unparalleled views of the gorgeous Poole bay, the RNLI College is a surprisingly modern building nestled in the heart of this quaint coastal town. They are licensed to hold marriages and civil partnerships, in addition to offering their own on-site wedding coordinator and team of chefs.

Stockbridge Farm Barn, Sherborne

The centuries old barn, found at Lower Stockbridge Farm, seats 180 people and remains largely unchanged, despite its age. This makes it a perfect venue for those seeking an uber-traditional Medieval style wedding day – they even have a recommended list of suppliers to help you out!

Larmer Tree Gardens, Shaftesbury

Opened as one of the first examples of Victorian Pleasure Gardens back in 1880,The Larmer Tree offers 5 truly unique venues within its grounds that will appeal to all tastes. From the shabby chic ostentation of the Roman Temple to the smaller civilised General’s Room, this location has something to offer anyone looking for a truly unique wedding venue.

Mortons House Hotel

The oldest building on this list by a long shot, Mortons House was built in the shape of an ‘E’ as a tribute to the then ruling royal, Queen Elizabeth I, back in 1590. Its been wonderfully preserve and is now an intimate wedding venue for those looking for true history. The gorgeous oak-panelled drawing room is perfect for Civil Ceremonies, just bear in mind that only seats 60 guests!

Whether you choose to hold your Wedding in North Wales¬†or Dorset, I wish you all the best – don’t forget to send me an invite!