Dorset: The Untouched, Unseen and Undiscovered

“Thousands of years ago, all this land was trees. Tree’s, interrupted only by water or strutting hills. From coast to coast, the land grew free and far. And look at what we have done with that wilderness: cut it up, sold it off, covered it up. We’ve held this land so close we’ve squeezed the life out of it.” Greg Grassguard, of Dorset Environmental Action Theory House (D.E.A.T.H)

But Dorset still breaths. And will always breath while there are people left to fight for it. I will always fight for it. Because while nature is massive and mighty, humans have proven themselves to be stunningly destructive. Quite mind blowingly destructive. Far more destructive than maybe we ever imagined. You sometimes here people say ‘You know, nature will be ok, it’s us who have something to fear. We are the ones who will be destroyed, mother nature will eat us up on a moment and be done with us. And then you know what the world will do? You know what it’s reaction will be to our complete eradication? It will simply keep spinning. Keep being. Keep growing and living.”


Well, that is true, but what does that mean? Does it make you feel powerless? Does it make you feel small and weak? Just another tiny speck of nothingness in a universe that doesn’t care, a universe that doesn’t even know, a universe so vast and endless that your little life is almost squeezed out of existence by virtue of its unimaginable smallness when seen in the whole.


There you go. There is the universe. It is yours and you are its. It belongs to you and you belong to it. Well…. you don’t and it doesn’t. There is no belong. There is no ownership. There is only everything. You are part of it and it is part of you, that is the truth. Well, that is a truth.